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Light codes voice of the Galaxy

✨Sirius galactic codes✨

Be aware we are an energetic being and everything is about energy

we are the best manifestors in fact we manifest all the time not knowing

our energy magnetic joy laughter, compassion or chemically aligned with sadness, struggle and fear

so the way I see it there are to playgrounds; fight, battle, fear control or grace, love, soft, hope, faith, etc.

in which playground are you?

raise yourself to love, play, creation, and brightness

we are shining like Starlite on the polarity between the feeling of safeness insecurity feeling ok with change and wanting to go back to what we had before the quarantine.

interesting times for change the old is falling away the best we can do is to let go and be open to the new

don't hold on to the way it uses to work for you because they may not work anymore

creativity is madness now and is an amazing way to innovate new ways of being

I believe my transformation is inside and being aware of living from my heart

the energy will keep increasing and the best we can do is adjust and make it our new normal.

for me a feel more alien than ever ahahah but more connected to earth too I feel like living on earth and making it a paradise is key to attune to 5-dimensional living.

is key to meditate and find a way to align and match the higher level in our human evolution

also is time to find the new tome from our soul and shine on!!!

This transmission connect you with Sirius to bring through a healing blessing in the physical Body✨

Allow the vibration of this codes if light in motion to become a healing light bathing every particle of your beingness

The visualization from the beginning of the meditation is set to help balance, align, and heal Chakras.

Let the support come!

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