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Lyra Angelica - Galactic art - Storytelling -

Lyra Angelica - Galactic art - Storytelling - light language codes - The best guide is the one who leads you to be your best guide: for Michael

This is a guide of the stars that represents more a being of light whose job is to be a spiritual guide in the 6th dimension. This guide functions as a higher self, as it is the highest and most ascended aspect in this oversoul.

He has lives in the Pleiades after Lyra and it can be said that although he is now in a spiritual form in the realm of the spirits more connected with the source than with the galaxy itself. His mission is to be a bridge between the lower aspects of his soul to to learn to integrate that darkness that they have not been willing to integrate and transcend as their mission is to become saints upon ascending.

As a being of light that identifies with an angelic, Lyrian and Pleiadian essence, in reality now he belongs to the creative source team of all that he is.

In the dimension where he is, they download programs when their guides are in meditation or sleeping or connected in some way to update their programming and help in their evolution.

In addition, together with higher self, they observe the progress, the contracts and the future possibilities to evaluate and determine what type of spiritual guidance is needed.

He shows us that he has a different form for each guide who is at his charge with a temporary guide and actually works with 12 fragments of his soul on earth.

Although he is an ascended being and identifies more with the light than with an identity. The identity he personifies for his apprentices is the one needed to create a bonding, varying between his angelic aspect, a little more similar to what we perceive as Archangel Michael with whom belongs to the same lineage, more pleiadian - blue ray nordic type or angelic lyrano plus golden ray with elemental touches.

Tells us that salvation comes when we understand that fear is not something that one should be afraid of, it is just a challenge in which it allows you to become the person who is powerful in its true essence, the divine, the eternal, the infinite, the universe shining in you.

When your subconscious aligns with the intelligent mind of the universe and your divine spirit, that is where you align with your highest and greatest good. If you do not dwell in the energetic construction of the divine in you, you will struggle. From our point of view as guides you want to anchor your spirit as a human being in a world sown with fear, with discernment where your spirit and your human mingle in harmony.

The state of your being creates an effect when you are the cause of your evolution. When that which is created in you as an extension of everything that is your soul, which is the part of the spirit that identifies with learning, a personality in separation aligns with your higher self as your extension of god in the physical. Your own beingness will lead to what must be in synchronicity with all that it is and that is our definition for the good for all.

We are all like angels, beings from the galactic, elemental or human source, we are part of the Garden of Eden in paradise where we work in heaven. divinity in you, however, is what you cause with what you become.

Everything you do is the condition to feel divine at the moment in life and to experience as a human in a world of scarcity by being your own synergy between the light and the shadow.

Rocking between what you think you are and what you want to become when the soul that speaks in you like a group of guides emerged as lyrano. The disconnection was to such a degree that we forgot our divinity and we felt empty, alone and lost in the universe. Although our guides, beings of light, founders of races, speak to us about the light and the divinity within each one, it is difficult to believe that there is something more than what you see and the darkness that you feel, giving you the feeling of falling from the light.

We got lost, disoriented and divided...each one without a past or history that would give us a reference of what to do and how to remember inovo, a recreational attempt to transcend the fragmentation of the soul.

Where as a lyrano, I understood that if I was only a piece of history, how could I understand the entire map? Then I began to re-engage in all the others, to unite all my lost pieces in a linear illusion, where in an infinite and eternal second, I reconnected in the immensity of my multidimensional being.

To trace as a guide, of my other souls like you who are me and I am you. Where is the end of the illusion, we are guided and we are guides, we get lost and we do not find an order to transcend the way home.

During your day enter your mind, the mind that disintegrates, belongs to a being in disharmony where you lose yourself like I lost myself one day. But the mind that is divine, is aligned with the heart that is the portal of your divinity, guides you with the power of your divine neutrality where you are aware that you are the light of the world that illuminates your darkness.

You are the infinity that dies and is reborn, the creation never created in the emptiness that becomes all that it is, all you have been and all you will be.

Always with you, the guides

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