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Lyran codes of light

✨Lyran Blessings & Guided Meditation ✨

I know that for many this stage has been very difficult, and it still is, that's why I send you a hug with a lot of strength for everyone.

Let the roar to be heard through balance

To many as well, we have had to support from health, awareness and love as much as we can to all we love.

Let your power heart to lead you

We are all together in this and that's why today I share this guided meditation hoping it helps, with all my love.

As you gaze at the codes absorbed them through a gentle breathing in the light

In this video I give you lyran light language in a soothing guided meditation to help you regain hope, strength and take a new air to get ahead.

We live one day intensely at a time.

Hold on to what makes you good, what holds you back, what you love most, knowing that you are free to choose how you will live another day, and that we will all change the way one day.

With lots of love, I send blessings to everyone for these moments we share.✨

Thank you for your light. 🙌🏼

Please help me share with someone who needs to hear this message. 💌😘


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