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Lyran Starseed

My Drawing of the light - Lyra

Lyra: This Lyran guide represents the essence of the Divine Masculine. He is an architect of the Matrix, engineer of the light, a Light designer.

This aspect from Lyra has the gift of being an inventor, a visionary from the founders of this universe.

His energy is powerful. It forces me the take breaks and ground when I was drawing him.

I feel dizzy, but at the same time, he was gentle and so caring. I noticed how they stepped back until I was adjusting myself to them, So I felt protected.

The strength does not come from harm. It comes from gentleness holding the space bn balance so we can heal in their presence as their energy uplift. I started healing gently, only what I was ready to with ease and grace.

It amazed me their capacity to be strong and gentle, and in that way, they engineer the light by holding the space as a conduit for love in harmony.

Greeting my earth angel,

We are here in a circle of light, sending love from our hearts to yours. You can call me LEONIDAS...

You are a shaman and healer the transforms all around you through love.

You are a channeler of wisdom, and in that way, you understand the universe from the perspective of the light in evolution.

cocreate your life and an architect of Love

Be gentle with your own process, my dear; softness is the way to heal.

the stars are holding the light on your way as you co-create and become a creator itself

Be inspired to change and let the ideas of the creator come with ease and grace.

Be kind in your ways and also be kind to others around you.

Waves of Divine Frequency and Crystalline Diamond light are already streaming in. The potential is here for you to amplify your manifestation abilities…

You write the light in the crystalline light to fuel as creator o the universe.

See yourself as the crystalline light of the universe.

love means eternity and is what allows you to create light

Connect with the love force of the universe and create divine inspiration to cocreate a new dimension of enlightenment.

With Love Leonidas 🤍

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