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Magic code | Frequency of abundance | candle of Magnetism | Meditation I am a magnet

The language of light is a type of Magic, it is to transform matter through a change in perception from the subatomic level to the multidimensional level.

Any magical tool is a permission that consciousness gives itself to transform matter. In magical rituals perhaps when using a candle to manifest it can be magnified with a code for abundance.

A code that can be used over and over again. This code represents a candle that merges with the frequency of prosperity, creation codes and the definition of the creator. It will be a magnet to attract what is in divine order and is for you.

This code was created for one purpose and used collectively. Where each one receives what he needs.

I am attaching a meditation in which you visualize yourself being part of the image that helps you understand how to be the magnet of the attraction of abundance for the greatest good and so be it.

I am a magnet for Abundance I Code and Guided Light Language Activation I money Code I Prosperity I Abundance I Gold light

you can find it on my YouTube channel @encodedfrequency

Shed a light

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