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Mary Magdalene Drawing

My Guide Drawing Mary Magdalene

Heart Love Codes of Light

Beloved, you are a Heart Leader.

Your Heart is floating through everything you do. The time has come for you to maximize your Heart as a Healer...

We are many speaking in One Voice as a Frequency of the Heart, raising the Healing Love...

This Image speaks magnitudes of Light Codes about the hopeful Dawn of New Possibilities...of your Light full of Heart Energy.

Allow yourself to see that and to resonate with that.

You can clearly see the difference between the Mind and the Heart. Allow yourself to begin to see the Heart in your World.

Incredible Blessings are to come in this time for you, and that’s still really just the beginning...

Heart Open is an inspiring Tool that is beautiful and filled with Joy. It is your to co-create.

Are you ready to receive a full Heart Open?

Acknowledge and work with the Frequency of the Heart.

Own your Heart, absorb your Heart and the Energy within!!!

Do you see the power of this?

When you choose to “Live Heart Open” to yourself and your surroundings...

When you choose to honor the Divine Heart Within and All Around with Love Healing...

You tune into the Magic of the Divine Heart inherently present within All.

You bring the Divine Heart to the surface of your Waking Life.

The Energy of the Great Love you can give another is the Love for yourself. Own the Heart Openness and rely on it.

Belong to your Heart inside yourself...

Happy Gateway of the Heart, My Beloved.

Mary Magdalene 🤍

Mary Magdalene

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