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Moon in Leo

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

~Lionness Code & Healing Journey ✨

There is the first moon of the year and this is full moon beloveds.

This is a full moon in Leo and the energy will come very strong leading change and giving us a change to grow feeling the need to expand and progress more.

The energy will may cause exaltations and tend to exaggerate our emotions what you hear, what you feel, what you see it will be magnified

So take it easy

Find your centerness

Discernment will be key

What energy you would like to be magnified during this full moon, love, peace, exaltation, exaggerations, the choice at the end is within us

So my action plan is to remind calm and give myself more time in my own healing process to find and be always in my center

Yes you can be strong and calm,

Brave and gentle,

Courageous and peaceful

Felines choose their battles wisely they observe peaceful they know their strengths but do t wasted just because, they choose where to spend their energy

Frequency are currency and the bss we t currency is Love and Leo’s are all about the Heart

So hold the light tightly and treasure your energy if you feel angry about what is going on recognize your triggers and transform them in love and meditation will be key

When we meditate we go back to our original self and find eas

I will share hg are in the comments a lyran meditation

Meditations encoded frequency

Shed a light 🤍

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