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Mother Mary

Today take moment to be GRATEFUL! Yes

I just saw a 71 year old man working as valet parking and you know what he said “ I’m great full to have a job” and I said me too

And a deep feeling of gratitude For life itself invaded my heart ❤️ and all opportunities to be more blessed that open up

Whatever is happening success and failure always alternate and is always the beginning of something else so no big deal!

Mother Mary come today to ask you “Let me carry you!” Briefly she presents so magnificent how we can have a free flowing with all that it is

The 3 for a peaceful warrior, those who claim their inner strength that all you do will always be WELL

The qualities are for a warrior Mary says are deep trust knowing that all is well...

appreciation for the many opportunities for things to turn our without fixated ideas and holding our sit in our Center

The trust is knowing light is all we want to glow and we can learn from it!

So today let’s flow

Put the sunshine in your pocket and begin to feel you life in a very rich world it never ends in messages to

Spirit guiding us

Learn what opens doors abs what closes than so the trust is trusting all is taking care

Hoy comes from knowing is never a dead end and is always an infinite opportunity to expand more widely

May your day be glowingly Bless in Gratitude for All

All my love Grethel

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