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✨Multidimensional light Codes & activations Meditation ✨ Who you can access the wisdom of you Soul?

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

✨Multidimensional light Codes & activations Meditation ✨

Who you can access the wisdom of you Soul?

Simple through LOVE ❤️

Love is the currency to Access your multidimensionality ❣︎❤︎

Light codes to create a Vortex of galactic Soul and access the library of the oversoul by traveling to different dimensions through Love

Light codes are based love frequency!

This code of light you see It represents a download to access your multidimensionality and you may question what is that?

Our Soul hold the vastest knowledge we can not even imagined

Love is the key ingredient that makes that process available for us

Our Soul Is connected to our akash and all knowledge we ever had, have and will have in future expressions

Beyond that every human in the planet has multiple experiences vibrating in different planes Ana fields connected to source and the universal akash of source

So how do we access?

Through your crown and upper chakras and you visualize a ray of light that reconnect you with a huge web of information

Data that has been written through experience

And in the degree your physical technology is in allowance you and I we will be able to integrate, and understand other ways of perceive life through higher states if consciousness

I believe the best to find balance and equilibrium is to be open to what is available for you in the present moment and meditation is the best way

Sharing this light language recording to create a vortex of light from multiple patterns of light to upgrade our technology

Happy gateway beloveds

Don’t forget to hit the 🛎🤍🙏✨

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