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My angelic guide

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

My Guide Drawing Angelic Solar Light Codes Greeting My Sweet Angel Today, I am here streaming healing you read these words allow yourself to co-create healing with me. Today you are able to immerse in the emotions in order to release them and find peace in the midst of chaos while you strongly make your own decisions with confidence and conviction.

You can struggle, resist it or decide to come to a new realization and there is no right or wrong here, only permit to be your authentic self. You are a power child of God who decides to use it wisely and learns to navigate peace. My sweet angel, today choose to accept and love yourself unconditionally. Breathe the light in and choose not to take inventory of past mistakes and decide to grow from them. Feel the sun in your belly allowing it to glow brightly and motivated to pursue your true purpose. My sweet angel, be comfortable with your power to find peace, let go and release the need to control in order to find peace in the other world Today, my little angel, you are worthy and capable of achieving your dreams. Remember you are ambitious and capable of whatever you desire as the God you are. Choose inner peace and satisfaction daily by rerouting yourself and be very aware of how valuable you are Everything you need, you have within Always choose the best for yourself, always. You are beautiful now and know, my sweet angel, you are exactly what you need to be your best self, you were planned that way before you were born. Allow the waves of creation to redefine the inner self and stop pondering your power Be your power!!!! and that is Peace...

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