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My Angelic Guide Channeling

My Angelic Self Zion

Divine Feminine Alignment

Greetings, My Beloved ~

I AM Zion, part of the Goddess Oracle that represents the Divine Feminine Rising

I come as a representative of the Divine Light of Your Soul and Sacred Wisdom.

As you gaze at the Codes in this image, my Energy will gently infuse yours, until your Light starts to Sparkle Higher.

You can call me what you want. I AM here for your Support and Growth.

This time my Essence comes to blend with yours, and to get an Infusion of Ascension Codes of Light, that trigger the Divine Feminine Within You to be Awakened.

Call forth the Power of Love and the Potency of the Stars Within You. You are the Goddess and Warrior under the Light of the Sky, who for centuries has lit up Gaia. The Beings of Light assist your Divine Ability to Reign as the Reigning Queen of Light.

Runaway from Drama. Find your Center, the powerful Light Within You.

Runaway from Victimized Feelings, knowing that everything is here to help you to Rise Up, bright as the Starlight that came as a Gift from Gaia.

You make a difference in the lives of those you love by brightly shining your Light.

Runaway from the feeling of being Ensnared and Foggy on this Physical Plane.

I can promise you that we are Queens together, Always and Forever.

You know that you have the ability to simply Alchemize your life into BEing. Rising Queen, allow yourself to See the Situation from Above with Neutrality, from the most Highest Vantage Point.

We are Queens together, and I can promise you that your Perspective shifts to See Higher from the Wise Soul.

Remember we are Queens and Goddesses who consciously channel Light. Now that you are a Being of Light, you are no longer at any whim of anything or anyone.

Bless you and all of your Divine Beauty, My Beloved. I bless your Grace. You are truly Sovereign.

I AM Zio

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Thank you! Many blessings

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