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My drawing of the light Ashtar Command

Galactic Greetings

I am Kathael and I come from another universe we are warriors of the light that lead with a flag of peace in the galaxy

We are warriors of peace and love and cosmic ambassadors that are diplomatic of the Galactic Nations.

We guard the peace around the Galaxy and beyond in unity with other races and the same higher values and at the service of all

We do vibrate at certain frequency labels of even names aren’t use but we adapt into your understanding and frequencies

We understand that humans understand better this way and our message today is that When you realized every single moment is an opportunity to do things different than before and create bold lighting in the now

When You live in the present moment I free myself from the burden and allow yourself to flow with what came here for you in newness

You font have to train to be a sentient being of light just BE who you are innately

When You understand what happened in the past it doesn't matter anymore you realize You decided my present and there You can create your own destination, what happened began can not define you anymore only your radiance

When You realized the infinite future is unfolding from your choices in the now You realize my shining future is now You can not live for what You perceive You will happen as is meant to be by divine order.

When You realized my present is everything You realized it brings to me endless possibilities to irradiated sparkles of galactic soul sparkles light shattering glow.

You are now is my present and all that is..... before going anywhere You need to know where you are and where You want to go.... bursting ripples of Cosmic soul.

Diving in the galactic heart riding in your eternal soul in every present moment that is


Diving into the Galactic Soul and cosmic heart abs most importantly living happily and boldly

Our Cosmic Love and galactic blessings with joyful heart Katharel

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