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My Spirit Guide Art - Ancient alchemist Raven I Awaken the Leadership in you!

My Spirit Guide Art - Ancient alchemist Raven I Awaken the Leadership in you!

Thisa soul aspect comes to awaken the strength and wisdom of your ancient soul. He had time lines on earth where he shows us that the earth began and ended in many timelines and his is a parallel one where perhaps it does not even appear in our history books because when the alexandria library burned many lines of Earthly times that aligned with a darker deity were purified at the energetic level. By not having knowledge of that history, we do not identify ourselves and we bring them to our present and that is their history. Her name was Raven in this line of life that occurs in ancient Europe where the earth was not divided and in this time line I count the continents fractured and stopped, it was because this humanity was almost exterminated to start over again with the few survivors as well as a massive cleansing that begins with multiple meteorological phenomena that occur at the same time, initiating a rebirth where my essence ascends, ending its experience in the physical at the 6th demise where we are spiritual guides at the service of our oversoul. We are a group of twelve and we take turns serving you in the way we help you become your own leader.

In our time many thousands of years before Christ and the birth of the Egyptian empire as the center of knowledge in the area of what would now be western Europe further south mankind explored its power through knowledge and intermixing the powers of mixed light with darkness. Darkness drives change and transformation is active and intense while when you are in the light you feel that everything stops in a second of peace and expansion where alchemy integrates and establishes itself. When the light is established it tends to establish itself without looking for movement because it feels so comfortable and loving to be in that soft peace that the darkness comes as a challenge for the light to open up in the unknown where it cannot see what is there to welcome it. new and create a new stability. At the energy level, the two currents seek each other, attract and repel each other, always seeking an intertwined harmony with neutrality and when that vibration is found, the creation that manifests itself is God himself. My life was a life where you bravely explored your darkness in order to find and force yourself to light your light from within like the flame that ignites newness within. The opportunity to transform aggression into forgiveness, anger into compassion and fear into courage was a complete school of how polarities enriched the soul by showing two opposing and complementary aspects in the perception of the soul. In my life of drawing we were connected with Gaia and the elemental beings manifested themselves in the physical in a temporary way, so our gods and guides were those of light and those of darkness and each one decided what to experience. The power of the dark spirits was faster, stronger and more powerful which attracted the majority and fed the state in a tricky way so the planet lost its balance. Energetic balance that caused the natural disasters that started a massive purification where many souls like me were offered the alternative of ascending, and new souls came from the galaxy to be reborn as an old soul and help Gaia to increase her frequency and help her path. to ascension. I hope from the heart and it is my intention to be with you so that if you need guidance, a feeling of love and support redeems you. with ascended love, Raven

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