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Now is a great opportunity to release the density we are carrying unconsciously

Now is a great opportunity to release the density we are carrying unconsciously and could be causing our bodies to feel exhaustion, tiredness, pain from us or from the collective.

Listen to your body it's had been my greatest lesson.

Our pain bodies can be so full of density that blocks the energy flowing through and it can result in sadness, anxiousness, angry, etc.

Let's move on to the victim side and raise a more useful approx, reflecting on what i can do to feel better, to feel whole to feel happy.

What changes are required to achieve that mastery we all desire in the road of self-development.

Unconsciously if our energy field isn't addressed properly and clears from the burden we will often shut down entire emotional and energetic systems just to survive.

Breathing, resting, grounding, clearing our energy field helps to flow, expand and feel harmony. Otherwise, this survival instinct leads our lives to blockages and drags in our field which can make it hard to feel Harmony, inner peace, and balance.

To flow and manifest our own desires and dreams, shifting its huge energy raising to create the life of our desires.

Taking care of our well-being physically and emotionally is essential to living in serenity. Heart portal 💛🙌💫 passes the light !!! ✨You can join me in our Community starting from $2.99 monthly and access more than 50 exclusive videos ( changelings, live-streams, meditations, and much more )

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