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Orion Guide 🤍

My Guide Drawing - Orion

Light Codes higher conscious state of Oneness

Greetings and blessings,

Welcome to this channel writing messages and Light Codes that are an invitation to Awakening.

We are really happy to be able to bring it to you, in this circle of light, we all coming in The

Crystalline elevating the light of your Heart. I am Orionna and I come from the constellation of Orion as a galactic Guide

My dear disengage from density

A higher conscious state of bliss, connection, and inspiration awaits!

Make it a priority to create some space... The energetic transformational energies that bring Light and Love.

This is an invitation to take a journey with us as your spiritual team, Throughout these light codes, there are truly incredible levels of bliss, heightened presence, accelerated transformation, and gifts from your divine soul just waiting for you to open to them.

trust your own process my dearest

Tune into the life force and creative Spirit Presence vibrantly thriving, held and embodied by your sacred heart

is align with your heart to know with your soul, to dance with life, embodying the real you, finding your true Essence of the Light.

heightened presence is the new normal

To feel the Life Force and the Light...

Tune into the light and sacredness within you!

Awakening, it is to feel free to be you! To see outside of society, to rebirth, and organize yourself in a way you play. With your Cosmic Essence to integrate your heaven, to be your magic, and change. To the system by affecting the heart, one step at a time.

Wake up to your Inner-World.

This recharges and resets your energetic field. Opening you to incredible gifts, and awareness

This creates an opening in which you can receive the Bliss, Blessings, and Light of the Divine, the Infinite, the All...

tune in my dear now as you visualize these codes and read these words allow yourself to Harmonize the light in you with the brightest blessings now and with the highest divine expansion for your life.

have a great gateway to the light my dearests

with love :) Orianna

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