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Orion Starseed

✨My Drawing of the Light✨My Galactic Drawing Orion 💫 Rigel Light Language Coding to Achieve the Wisdom of the Soul Greetings and Blessings, We are your Orion family we called ourselves the new light and we are speaking as One Voice now. We ask you to let this Light Language, Energy Healing, and Divine Guidance assist you in your ascension process and create the space necessary to uncover blocks just below each trigger, to uplift your Ancient Soul like the shining Light of the Phoenix. The Soul’s Glow is BEing lit through the encoding as you allow these Codes to cleanse you fiercely but compassionately, as you look at the Image. BEcome emerging as the Divine Soul of Authenticity. Radiance of the Soul, wise and ancient, evolves through the fierce Soul Wisdom Challenge that represents a constantly growing movement and emerges as a Master who creates Transcendence. These Codes will assist in this process ~ to bring out the Wisdom of your Soul while allowing your Life Force to purify itself. This Frequency helps connect with deep Soul Wisdom and Transformation. The time has become profoundly challenging, and is bringing about a Great Change. So have faith, own your trust, and glow with the Wisdom of your Soul. This Energy will connect you with the grace and help that is always available. There is Divine Intervention and Deep Transcendence. You will come through this Emerging Phase of brilliant Divine Love to move through your Whole and Sovereign. All our Love ~ Orion the new light ✨By encodedfrequency ✨

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