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Pegasus connection nection

My guide of the light ~ Pegasus

Andromedan Codes if light

This is a guide I was requested to do

She felt Avalon, fairy, goddess but also Unicorn alike but at the same time with andromeda aspects, I'm not sure how sweet and gentle

It seems to me at that time, they have some kind of communication with the stars and they were very influenced by them in a way they showed me a straight line to their star beings who were in contact with me. It looks as if they show me a magical world

“ Greetings and blessings

Zaphire and I am a Pegasus that shift shape into a human form, I am a being of light that represent a princess and a healer, we are sentient being that shine rays of light with our horns, we stream healing frequencies

I want you to notice when you focus your attention in your breath, your body fully restore your cells start communicating to each other and is in those cells where all the information is stored.

Your beliefs, limitations and desires to be when you consciously simply commune with all as it is; you let your heart to comprehend the language that speaks and notice a certain relaxation that occurs without trying to do so

When you focus your attention to yourself within and dropped all your attention to what you expect it should be

Not in the past nor in the future but in the present, in your body grounding, just allowing whatever is here to be here

And be ok with it, every energy has a right to live and is your teacher

When you go within your body, your body takes you everywhere

Be in command and repeat

Every time I breathe, my body fully restore "

Be the magic that sparkles within

All my love Zaphire

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