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Phoenix Light codes | Today the Phoenix has an encoded message for you....

This is a Drawing of a phoenix is you feeldrawn to this image this is your message. This beautiful digital print of a Holy Fire Phoenix is the perfect way to add a touch of spiritual energy to any home.

Each unique piece is hand-crafted and made becasue the phoenix wanted to be chosen to give a message to you.

This light language print was made of sacred fire that can be streamed in your house or work. it comes from the source and shows itself in a temple made of life force. In this temple you can go to fill yourself with the creation of the source to be reborn.

The phoenix tells us that in human life the path to light can be forgotten. The noise of the shadow confuses with expectations, remember this the phoenix tells us: You have to be ready to be reborn at any time, although sometimes you don't know where to start from Rebirth. You just have to release an extraordinary power within you, the power to be YOU. Embrace it, take care of it and unleash it on the world.

Your power... touches your heart in a thousand ways... even where fate and good fortune intertwine with each other to see you reborn.

You are a masterpiece of singularity, a kaleidoscope Encoded with optical lights of dreams, experiences and emotions ready to manifest. Nobody but you! it can bring to life the vision you have in your heart. Your journey is different from anyone else's, and that's what makes it so remarkable.

There is beauty in every moment of the way when your heart flows sacred and holy fire.

In the search for you authenticity shines, it can be found in the challenges that make you strong and doubts that clear your mind, but stay true to yourself in your soul...

Accept your flaws, because they make you real.

Accept your strengths, because they make you formidable. You will reach the goal sooner or later. Light does not force, it just flows.

Today you are reborn in the resurrection of the sacred fire when you accept your true self, you inspire others to do the same. Your authenticity is your power and it becomes a beacon, lighting the way for others to follow. Your story, your struggles, your triumphs, have the power to touch hearts and change lives when decoded by your frequency.

Never underestimate the value of being yourself.

Your existence is not a mistake; it is a gift to the world. You possess a unique combination of talents and passions that can leave an indelible mark on history.

Dare to dream big, even if the path seems uncertain. Trust in your abilities and in the magic of being true to yourself. Believe in the power of your dreams, for they are the seeds of greatness waiting to blossom.

So, embrace the power of being yourself, fearlessly, unapologetic, and with an open heart. The world awaits the light that only you can shine. You are capable, you are worthy and you are enough. Let your authenticity be your superpower and your compass as you navigate life's journey.

Remember, the world is a canvas and you are the artist. Paint your life in the colors of your dreams and let your masterpiece unfold, leaving an inspiring legacy for generations to come."

Be proud of who you are and let your unique light shine bright!

with love the phoenix.


You can purchase this print to be an anchor of light love and holy fire in your space. learn more in our store.

With love, Grethel

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