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Pleiades-Aldebaran Diamond Codes

Divine Vulnerability Light Codes Greeting and blessing, Beloved one,

We are here today to assist you on the frequency of Divine Vulnerability and embodiment of your divine Soul and announce that energy will emerge as a light being while gazing upon these light codes from this image. This transmission will assist in rebalancing of emotional body, equilibrium as you express your feelings. always acknowledge your resentments and emotions so that you can discover the root causes and find the balance. Recognize your sensitivity as an advantageous way to access extra information from a source and you are an active portal as you embrace it. The collective intense energies will ease when you allow them to come to the surface. Savor life, find delighted in the pure experience Present moment awareness is key as you make deliberate choices about my feelings, thoughts, and actions to find equilibrium. Go back to your center, breath avoid feeling drained. flow and recharge your spirit with new energy. Renew my body and mind with fresh thoughts and ideas. Restore your health and vitality as you replenish your power with each moment. Truly be in your radiance of the soul, notice when there is a lack of ability to be at harmony, practice self-love and a tune to your harmonic resonance Tune in to your inner peace Flowing like waves in the ocean As you connect with your soul, you will think upon higher ways and have deeper insight and clarity. Purify the heart and open the soul, for you are ready to now emerge Sending higher love and light blessings

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