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Pleiades Alien Race - Taygeta - 5 dimensional Spiritual Guide - Storytelling -

Pleiades Alien Race - Taygeta - 5 dimensional Spiritual Guide - Storytelling -

This is a Guide who lives in space and is only anchored with his plane through his star. We can say that they are anchored in his spirit and practice being spiritual guides to move to the sixth dimension.

Anchor yourself in the spirit? But that's ethereal isn't it? How do you do that? It is when you choose to be valuable to someone including yourself and that alignment provides us with stability within the unstable.

The spirit tells us this guide is ethereal, not physical, it is the light of the Creator in motion based on unconditional love, and where each intention of creation has a motion.

That motion is the light in evolution and the platform where the safe space is created where we anchor the spirit. So it's like creating an energetic container that is your body of light right?

We can say that yes. The approach creates the effect in causality. Where the light of the spirit; that’s eternal and infinitely divine; is contained in love and is the beginning where your space is sacred, as the resurrection.

She tells us that in our dimension, the point is not to collect many truths ,where point cobtrarion intersect in the experience of the spirit, through the illusion anchored in the soul, and is connected to the body; that is like a biological container.

It is shown that there are different types of containers, there are some that are for artificial intelligence and in the same way they ascend a different level of consciousness. The inert material is not born from god directly, it is created by a fragment of god (us) and connects to his soul as the channel that expresses an extension of his spiritual; which is the extension of the source.

Very fragmented consciousnesses at low and intermediate levels are combined in the sixth dimension and from there collectives are formed that have joint missions. For example, the drops of water without their own identity but each one unites to be a true being; the Ocean.

Extended consciousness is how I understand it. In this case the house, the vehicle, the financial record, your art, or legacy are consciousness extended to a being with the essence of God; the creator and sometimes there are several creators co-creating experiences. Such as social networks , television, radio or a natural phenomenon; including ascension.

In this case we are the souls born from the imagination of Gaia. That is why these Pleiadians show us that we really are everything; them, humanity and the sky itself. That is why you feel that star seeds are not from here. In effect, that is very true, we belong to the cosmos.

They create a link of unconditional love in groups that start from 2 souls to 12 souls. From there it shows me that we jump from 12 to 12; to form a collective that goes from 44 to those that are infinite.

This guide is already in a group of 12 and they are fused as one mix; the soul through their bonds of love as stellar brothers and from their aura the ship is formed. This is where they live without time, that anchors them, with individual and collective missions. Together they ascend to the next dimension; helping each other through synchronicity.

In that way?

When the spirit anchors in the Being; based on unconditional love; it becomes a vehicle ready to serve the spirit and the mission becomes a being; the being at the service of another and from there I am at my service; in Love.

There are 3 levels of Service when the spirit is anchored. In the first, the spirit is anchored only by being at your service, because the energy container fluctuates and is variable; which takes it from alignment to disorder, which makes it a challenge to stabilize a tornado or is like dipping in fire or freezing the light. Well, the contrast creates Drama, if as in the music that the notes collide to bring intensity and emotion and then relax in the symphony of the sonata of the heart.

The service to the being to anchor the spirit, goes from the third dimension down and between the fourth and the sixth dimension are mixed. The service to the next, is the service to the being, because it understands that the being is the whole and the one. What is inside,is outside, and so by bringing harmony and anchoring the balance; what is outside is balanced.

At the last level, the spirit is anchored when it is dedicated only to the service of the younger brothers and sisters. It is understood that the only one is the extension of the whole. Nothing helps to fill the void. The invisible, at a certain level, is visible as well as the magic is illusion and the illusion is real. The whole extends in the anchor; the spirit is where everything serves everything and everything supports the only one.

The Divine Order is the Love of the unconditioned in conditions of loving without condition.

With love, Your guides

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