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Pleiades light language

Galactic StarSeed Meditation | Encoded Frequency | Alignment with Source | Receiving Mode

The Greatest things that happened to us in life will happen one way or another we must be in a state of allowing!

Resources are always flowing and if is meant to Be it will BE.

Let the well-being to come to you!

when you have something to experience the abundance, the love of your life or the enlightenment, the universe will not enable you to move along until you do it.

The universe always provides by default! We need to be in the receiving mode and light language guided meditation is the best tool I have found to be in the receiving mood so I can quiet my mind.

That state of meditation will put you in the vibration and the light language codes can be integrating in you with ease and grace to move in the direction of your highest outcome and greatest good.

Light language is so powerful that takes you into vibration equivalence with creator of all that it is!

The light language guided meditation I’m sharing today will bring blissful thoughts to relax and began to be in the receiving mode to Align with Source.

Shed a light!

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