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Prayer if the day ~ Angel of Balance that from a Atlantis

Finding balance isn’t to be in the middle without action. It means to be present during the shift abs find a new equilibrium.

Prayer if the day ~ Angel of Balance that from a Atlantis ~ Nordic soul aspects comes through brings to take the heave baggage and take it away to be transformed in Equilibrium and ease.

Encoded with diamond light you can put on the scale what isin your life asking for a reset to find balance.

Today I invoke my higher self to hold me in you his Wisdom as I Take a moment to sense my breathing.

I Breathe consciously and infuse myself with abundance anchoring my spirit. God May I today and all my life enjoy life in this moment and in those to follow.

Higher Self shed a light on me today so I may I truly know myself to become fully aware of both your divine and my human nature as one, were God and I are One.

May every step today aligned me with the flow of perfect love, rightful way and divine will.

 Light language guided meditation combined with a love code you picture in your mind will activate In you the frequency of love.

The collective Lately have played an important role with lightworkers and on a soul level many of you have been asking to experience a soulmate connection in order to serve your path.

Love transforms into Balance and harmony on the physical level go hand in hand with the energy of these souls who are divinely guided among themselves through their corresponding heart rate.

Let love be anchor in your Soul divinely!

Atlantis 9th dimensional I Light Language Guided Meditation | Powerful Activation

Shed a light

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