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Sasquatch - Spirit Guide - Galactic Art - Elemental Connection

Sasquatch - Spirit Guide - Galactic Art - Elemental Connection The Sasquatch comes sharing a story that will take you into a journey in the elemental kingdoms of Gaia. Now ask your mind to be still, and imagine all I am going to describe. And let the magic spark divinity. I saw the light as it began to shine, light from your higher self. And every aspect of your soul became a spark of light that gently entered your soul. And your reflection was serene. The light began to shine, and shine bigger and bigger. The light created a temple with pillars of light intertwined with the leaves of the forest. The leaves of the forest began to emanate light. And the shadows of the forest began to see light, as if light is the elixir that comes from the creator through life in the forest. Each leaf lit up, and the trunks and branches and roots all embraced the earth, sacred land that supports our world. And that's where the Sasquatch showed themselves. This is an ancestor, and actually your first aspect that evolved with the help of star beings. Star beings that in their first experiment evolved a more intelligent primate, capable of developing more evolved thought, where different time lines would mix the galactic DNA with the terrestrial, to build a path where Gaia could ascend more rapidly. The beings of the stars, perceived as semi-gods, came from distant kingdoms as engineers of worlds. Within the matrix, was the organization where the energy was organized in dimensions, vibrations, and frequencies, alchemized with time and space, creating illusions where the fragment of the soul could acquire a personality, vast experience, and evolve with a soul. For its part, this tribe was the half that was not touched by the Galactics. And it was decided to let them evolve in their own rhythm and space. Within their evolution they became part of the elemental kingdoms, nomadic tribes that inhabited an ethereal and physical world. Where between the cities below the surface of the earth and the tribes in caves intertwined in areas of snow, jungle or forest. They live in peace and receive guidance from their galactic gods, who have given guidance and transmitted teaching. Among them are the Arcturians, Pleiadians, Annunaki, Lyra, Sirius, Andromedans, Orions, and some more who occasionally exchange teachings. At some time they were at war with the ancestral humans and were almost exterminated by humans, along with the sirens and mystical beings. If it was decided after the fall of Lemuria, in this timeline, they would be a legend among humans, a story for children. And parallel paths would be guided, but without crossing, avoiding wars and apocalyptic lines. During Lemuria they are sometimes shown in alignments with giants and mystical beings, such as minotaurs, dragons, and other half-human, half-animal beings. Some became semi-physical and are only allowed to appear on pre-arranged special occasions with humans by lama contract. However, in the astral world they can become, and sometimes humans will be inspired to write legend, history or dreams that are intertwined between the illusional reality and the real dreams where reality is illusion and illusion is a real dream. Where when dreaming you dream of waking up in the illusion where in the true essence waking up within the dream is the illusion that vanishes the illusion and the ethereal and fluctuating truth is appreciated aligned with a vibration and frequency inviting you to evolve and explore everything that You have been, you are and you will be. In parallel timelines when humanity is more harmonious, and in organic spiritual communities in preparation for their ascension, there are points of contact and cooperation already beyond any conflict, and in an inclusive transition towards the new earth. If you want to contact them you only have to enter the elements of the earth, and lose permission to mother earth, with pure intentions of heart where you will create your desire, you only have to wait for the universe to grant you the wish at the moment and time in divine order, and at the right time, and so be it, with love you guide them.

with love.

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