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Sirius Twin flame

Love Codes

Loving relationships are based in flowing through the power of Love.

There is an alchemy between what you give and what you receive creating a synergy that encodes the frequency of Higher Love.

Your internal compass tube in the inner Divine Light abs presence is exchanged in a loving relationship.

Unconditional Love does not demand, restrict or control how is meant to be exchanged.

Love is natural and flows in a simple way when you let Love be,... if you want to establish and maintain loving relationships, you must surrender the need to control.

Love is inspiration, leads to passion, enthusiasm and much more.

Love is everywhere and can be found in everything if you let go your expectation and become open to align with your highest outcome.

Setting boundaries to Love may restrict the way you can tune into making it a priority. It can begin with a solid desire for self-love, which answers the call to LOVE and shade Love... it makes room for the new knowing that the Heart is the gateway for a Highest level of Love.

Venusian Temple of Love | Magdalene Codes | Encoded Frequency

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