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Song from a mermaid soul

Short Mermaid light language Song

My dear family, I invite you to listen to this mermaid song that came from my mermaid self a d share with me what spark in your soul.

This chants are decoded with healing frequencies and the more you listen to more blissful and enjoyable they will be.

Remember that light language is the voice of the heavens in physical so Just for today, be a little child. Know the world you are loved, Know that you are Magic ans a child of the stars. Know that just where you are, The voice of God and that id the language of the light.

Just for today flow in the enchanted mermaid song and be free.

Be Blissful-filled. Be kind to yourself and all others.

Just for today, rise in the light and shed a light for everything to let the universe know you are ready to receive more.

With love, Grethel

Mermaid light language Healing Meditation | Encoded Frequency

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