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Spirit Guide Drawing

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

My Guide Drawing ~ John

Raise the Divine Masculine

In a Circle of Light we greet you, from our Heart to yours.

Today we rejoice in the Love of the Father, representing the Divine Masculine that is the Worship of Light in Action.

The Light Codes represent Strength and the Power of Light...the Divine Immaculate Light that I have, that dares to BE Loving and Gentle while BEing Powerful and Strong.

These Divine Masculine Codes of Light come to your Planet today to create a Love that Builds and Heals, not only as a Dreamer but as an Active Factor of Light and Transformation.

They are a Source of Structure and Foundation, where the Light of the Divine Masculine dares to be Vulnerable and Heal, surrounded by Divine Love that nourishes with the Aroma of Sweetness.

This Light in Motion transforms the attention into a New Reality.

A Reality where the Light creates a New Structure where it is not distorted, and expresses the Purity of the Light.

Divine Masculine Light does not need to repeat the History of War and Violence of the Past to rise in Christian Love.

Instead of creating Control and Restriction, Divine Masculine Light feels free to BE One with the Love and Creation of the Divine Mother.

Divine Masculine Light allows itself to sow Seedlings that germinate in the Garden of the Divine Feminine, like flowers that open to Holy Love, blooming together in the Paradise of the Sacred Holiness of BEing.

Divine Masculine Light recognizes the Diversity in Others as the Growth and Value of the Unique and Authentic BEing that constantly flourishes, creating a New Prototype that represents Honesty, Transference, and the True Platform, where the Divine Masculine represents Responsibility in the Light.

Today BE a Warrior of Light who fights with Inner Peace and Love.

You Are Loved beyond what you can imagine, Dear Child of Christian Light.

High Blessings

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