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Soulmate drawing - Jamaica Annunaki -

Greeting and blessings

I's an honor to connect with you today with a message of higher love from a soulmate in spirit to a human knowing that we have a long journey together my love and I want you to know, I am always around you in your beating heart, you can find me. I am Jamaica and even though we have many lives together as humans in this experience, I am with you in spirit my love

My dear, it is a time of change and light, it is coming to your planet in waves of love and what we have come to say, it is to understanding that change will take place within sacred space of love and understanding where many lessons, karmic lessons but also evolve from a connection through love with higher energies in an adjustment into a collective mission through partnerships that we will described as twin flames as this term is familiar to many of you

Love cannot be limits as human rules is vast, infinite and vibrate at different levels, many of them in describables in human language

When twin souls that through the circle of reincarnations have shared experience and have a certain preference to lean and have ties of love on the physical. In other realities unrelated to his, these love connections are not necessary because beings vibrate in the frequency of love in groups that have common purposes.

On your planet, human beings were created to create together through the dance of love. Where souls would prey to be the mirror of the inner god of being himself in a space of love, where the flame of passion would play a crucial role in interweaving with the divine order and the highest good of all.

Breathe deeply, allow us to help you both higher self-s are signing a contract now and with closed eyes ,open your heart to this connection with your loved one the hearts merge the breath b holding hands becomes one with the inner god and love vibrates and in each of the cells of the whole body vibrates in peace.

These cosmic travelers jump from nebula to nebula, loving themselves, turning like comets, radiant light like stars in the sky that merge into one in love, always evolving, always expanding with the universe of the heart with the destiny of their side and the good fortune of the entire universe.

Allowance to what is and trust the universe will conspire in your favor, flowing with the soul and desire.

The love in spirit is more like a brother love ,who is there unconditionally, we are fully at service of each other in the potentiality of the experience of the Soul

Love that vibrates without the experience of continuity, time, space and functions engage with multidimensionality, working together, shifting into different frame set that create the illusion of time and space shifting every second.

Love comes to sooth the continuity of your experience and can help you to jump as you determine for yourself what the next experience you would like to be, therefore, in the illusion, all is connected and the easiest way to understand, is love that connects at different levels. You may actually know you are doing that so no need to worry or understand, it only needs to know and feel how expanded, infinite, eternal and vast your experience is

Highest love and light


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