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Spiritual Guide Drawing ~ Art

Elemental Queen of 🍃 Leaves 🍁

Fae, Angelic Essence, Soul Drawing & Light Language Art

This Soul is like an Angel of the Earth, even though it has connections with the Galaxy ~ in this case Sirius, Orion, Arcturus, Avalon, Pleiades, and Andromeda ~ but in connection with the Elemental Kingdoms of Gaia. We can say that the Essence is Sirius in the Feminine, and Orion in the Masculine, and Mother Earth, as well.

This Aspect can be called Jade. We can say that it is a Spirit of Nature of the Royal Court of Gaia, and the Priestess in charge of being the Voice and Guide of the Plants ~ in this case, the Leaves.

These Spirits were the first Aspects that fragmented from the Soul of Gaia. She created them with her Imagination and Intention, in a Pink Diamond Womb with Golden Sparkles that is in her Heart. They are her closest Spiritual Guides.

In the times when Gaia wanted to ascend, you were her contact with the Galactic Ceres. In this case, Jade tell us that Beings from the Stars of Arcturus brought them Starseeds, so that we could develop medicinal plants that would serve for Healing. Others of those Seeds would reflect the Beauty of God, and would be part of a Magical Scenario where they would awaken Smiles and Joy in Gaia and her Kingdoms.

Other Seeds would be to provide Shade, Oxygen and Protection by giving us Wood to create. All of these Plants are connected in a single Collective, that in this timeline vibrates in the Fifth Dimension, and hopes to ascend together with us.

Other Seeds would be just Boils that would help with Purification. Many types of Vegetation were created with different purposes ~ such as those bearing Fruit and Food, or those that serve as a home for other Animals. So the Animals decided to help the Plants ~ such as the Squirrels that bury the Pine Seeds creating forests; the Bees they would help to pollinate the Flowers; the Toads would be in charge of eating Mosquitos that eat the Plants. Thus the Cycle of Life would be created.

Life tells us how much Jade began in the Water with Starseeds that evolved as Humans, Animals, Plants and Elemental Beings. The resources were chosen where Angels of the Earth, Beings of the Stars, and Celestial Angels helped to create What Is Today, Has Been, and Will Be on the Earth.

This Aspect is your Highest Being on Earth, and has never incarnated. It is still half Angel, half Elemental, and close to Gaia. It has been with you in all of your Earthly Lives as a Guide, Friend, and Companion on the Journey.

Your Message:

My Dear Healing Light,

We speak today through this Drawing, not as a Single Entity but as your Guides. Today we represent the Abundance of Love, when it emanates with Liquid Light from the Heart ~ open to receive and to give its Soul by sharing Experience in Life.

This Drawing encoded with the Elemental Frequencies represents a Flow with Abundance, in all aspects that your Soul desires.

Every time you remember it in your Imagination, you use it as a Temple, where you will cross the Veil of Separation and enter the Spiritual World, where you can receive Healing, Guidance for yourself, or Intercede for those you Love.

This Image helps you to remember the Brightness of your Soul, the Flow of Life, and the Alignment with Source and All That Is Yours to manifest in your Reality and Abundance, to be a Creative Link to create Magical Illusions, where Desires are materialized more, deep in your Soul, which will conspire to fill you with Happiness, Peace, and Love. And So Be It.

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