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Starseed Drawing - Alien Race - Sirius B Water Planet - Galactic Art

After registering his learning, the laws of the universe began to be created through the elevated celestial collectives where the Akashic records of the fragmented souls developed an experience that enriched the expansion of the source. Later in the universe they began to create schools and guide councils where beings from all over the galaxy go to Sirius to learn the language of light and the universal laws of energy in the universe. In other timelines, this soul went through an apprenticeship of the joy of love in the Pleiades and how happiness helps to integrate the shadow in the fifth dimension. To then explore the collective in the 9th dimension as an Arcturian and experience healing by helping to restore souls that have gone through or caused extreme trauma to rediscover their purity and connection with the source. We are higher light all combined in a healing group of healing light, so Calm your senses, open your Soul, and tune into the direct messages from your guide.

Use your intuition to tune into the messages from your Soul In every eternity, there is a unique essence of energy around you. Your thoughts, emotions, and your beliefs determine the existence you understand and knowledge. Your vibrational energy signature intermixes with the collective Consciousness always. Breath light And open the heart so this is why you, the individual, hold power, hold the key to transform and to realign humanity and earth. Open the heart to the spiritual truth, with the divine realms of cooperation, compassion, and co-creation centered in love, in peace, and appreciation. When you rebuild, grow, and expand consciously, spiritually, and mentally, the power you tune into immediately flows throughout and influences All. Let this message vibrate in your heart, and your mind. You hold the key and the power and the light to transform this realm. Open your heart Your heart is the sacred portal allowing you to access the higher realms. Open your heart and find all you need there, Many Blessings Your Loving Guides

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