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Típs to Reconnect with your Starseed lineages

Divine Reconnection

Signs of disconnection will be feeling odd, block, confusion, drained, etc. The list can keep adding feelings that tells you from your Gut, that you should reconnect and find your centerness.

*Stop what you are doing: when going against the current is using energy in the nothingness.

*Finding stability; when you stop you will allow yourself to replenish the lost energy and find a point of attention that is in balance you will be able to notice where you are in relationship with the current and from there flow.

*Invoke Guidance; there is super intelligent Source in you and all around you and when you tune into it instantly reply to bring Harmony. The source is a field design to always seek balance and even if you don’t act divine order will conspire to assist in the highest outcome for all.

*Make a Habit to always Reconnect; Add into what you do daily simple ways to be connected with you, Mantras, crystal, affirmations, meditation, codes, light language to reconnect with your Divine Soul.

*Observe your Moon faces; all I. This reality is always transforming and it goes in frames that are uno pieces of a greater good. Many times acknowledge, Explore your inner universe and Recognize and your cycles  to be inspired actions to evolve your Soul in the side of life that feels good.

*Divine Gentleness: you can finding ease when situations are not escalated to problems and find a neutral way to shift the context to see that all is well and working out for you.

*Magical living; looking for simplicity to rejoice in life with silliness and magical moment that are a state on constant acceptance for what is and gratitude for the journey.

Meditation is the most blissful way to listen and invite Divine to guide you creating space to align with your best self.

Light Language & 5th Dimension Alignment | Raising your Frequency

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