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Transmuting Darkness |light language Angelic Code | Meditation

Transmuting Darkness |light language Angelic Code | Meditation

Darkness isn’t a good place to be isn’t? Today I’m sharing my perception about how to get out and find Neutrality.

When you get upset, sad, hurt, wrong with others from your perception of what the other did to you,

You allows your aura to get damage.

She/him/who steals you energy

You steal them energy back,

Both gets drained…..

Every time you remember you get and damage their aura and the darkness you create gets back multiplied to you.

I have done that before, honestly.

How to do it then?

So own your shadow and breath making space to expand your container energetically so you keep your darkness until is transmitted by loving awareness not for the other because Maybe they havent earn it.

You deserve peace!

When you tune into your darkness for whatever reason to allow damage to be done to the temple of your Divine Soul.

you don't deserve that! Darkness that isn't balanced with the light create block, and you don't deserve to treat your body and soul like that.

you own to yourself that you will treat you and others with gentle awareness knowing there’s a greater purpose.

Everything as it is is helping you to become the greater evolution of your soul according to divine orchestration.

Even the hand of god writes in twisted lines and including dead is part of the greater plan that allows rebirth to bring new wave of light through change and transformation

There is no random complication, we are here to be channeled, to figure out, to pick up our broken pieces and glue them with Divine gold creating a master piece by feeling whole, center and so align that deep in your core you know all is according to divine plan.

So be gentle with yourself and also be kind with all others, we are all going through a huge transformation in to the New Earth where we all are at peace and love within and around as one.

May these words bring seed of light that will spread goodness in each other for the highest outcome of all

I'm sharing a light language guided meditation that will clear your aura and bpdy with gentle angelic frequency to bring soothing peace.

Shed a light

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