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Twin flame Art - Romantic Alignment  - The Creation of Love Code

Romantic Alignment  - The Creation of Love Code

Love is the only reality and in a unique way it is a reason to love and remember heaven on earth. The beloved is the inspiration of her masculine. The beloved who is her mastery and is in charge of shaping the loving inspiration of her feminine beloved.

The beloved is the engineer who creates and shapes God by providing strength and stability to the channel; that crosses his female lover as the temple of love where the male lover.

Perhaps in human form it is not absolute truth but it is in the connection of the undivided soul in the undivided spirit. The human form fragments the form into two souls thus where a divine masculine and  divine feminine move, grow, and evolve together until today where they ascend to be one in spirit.

Not all souls choose this destiny and those who do choose this destiny are called twin flames. This is heaven for each loved one when they let themselves assume what they expect from another in the human form.

They work for what they want through the connection of love by being impeccable in the part of themselves that they share with their loved one and by being portals for their partner to meet God.

Love is the natural door where you access god and when you sleep many loved ones meet you night after night; as if they had appointments in the sky of dreams.

Some in different dimensions, with different containers, and different stories but Masculine and feminine become one flesh in this sacred union.

When you love your partner as it is and the condition created in partnerships will reveal as in heaven. So in heart and wherever you are now as inspiration to love.

Recalibrate it in the renewal of your own illusion. This is where each relationship fills all your needs as a being who’s unique not from attachment but from co-creation as a couple.

Relax in the love of being what you hope to receive and let the feeling that guides enter in between the gates of love.

The feminine lover sees her masculine lover as she is hers and receives him by blessing their journey together. Where she is inspiration, peace, and the door where she channels unconditional love; for her lover.

Isn't that romance something exquisite? Wherever you see your loved one, they support him and invite him to enter the sacred chamber of creation. Where his light enters the temple of the divine feminine and where the immaculate conception is the sacred union.

When the male lover assumes and feels the feeling of being touched by a god in the body of a woman in whom he is intoxicated with peace he then feels the invitation to fall asleep and the feeling of heaven sustains him. Even in his weakness where he is strengthened and shapes god on earth as the pillars of creation.

The masculine lover exploits his soul in love blossoming into seeds of light that enter the temple of creation of his feminine lover. This is where god(who is father and mother) creates a new life in the perfect flow of sacred love in the immaculate conception and the instant creation where love is the main ingredient.

May love guide you to create heaven on earth, for your highest and greatest good in co-creation between a male lover and a female lover,from within and from without, and as a couple for the highest good and so be it.

-With Love, Your Guides

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