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Twin flame Drawing

Twin flame Drawing love relationship codes of light. Love greetings We are here today with frequencies of love that travel through the codes in the image to recalibrate the patterns of love relationships. It is our desire to share our vision. Please use your power of discernment and take the ones that resonate with your heart. From our point of view, a loving relationship needs the commitment and transparency factor. Furthermore, it is simply taking responsibility for loving someone, through challenges and joys that grow together. Commitment is NOT getting carried away by the whims of your false ego and Committing to love someone while being open to experience is to TRANSCEND selfishness and whimsy, to be trustworthy with your loved ones in divine union. This is their unique experience of being and it is shared with the beloved partner where the ideal is that in harmony together they are Learning together to discern between love and need ... The need comes from codependency where the being needs the loved one to provide what is lacking. However, a relationship in the alchemy of the sacred is "a true relationship has to go beyond necessity ..." And you cannot reject what you are is one with your beloved in sacred union. Your search, if it is true joy, peace and joy, and to be free from the fears of life and death and all this, the highest aspiration of the human being is this search for liberation, which encompasses all these expressions. .including the sexual and the romantic and the desires to share life as a couple. However “When we come to the recognition and acceptance of who we really are, it is only then that you can confirm and see that life takes over life. Some relationships flourish, others do not, but the question is to discern and have communication where you are free to be yourself in the dynamics where you are open to adapt to your partner and loved one without fear and with the confidence that love guides you.

Freedom to love in a relationship is to feel free from within to love and be loved. The freedom to love in a relationship is to love without setting rules for mistresses in the balance of the sacred union with the other The freedom to communicate with your soul, your body and your essence and intimately share your soul with your loved one knowing that it is honored as the reflection of the loving universe within both in sacred union. The universe supports you so that you can find from within the most coarse source of love that can emanate in a loving relationship with your loved one with honor and respect in the sacred union finding your own truth and flexibility where your beloved is the portal of your god to flow like the elixir that heals everything and elevates it to the immaculate conception.

Let your heart and body flow with love! Free yourself and let love flow Greetings of light and blessings of love Twin flame council

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