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Twin flame drawing - Christ Consciousness timeline.

Twin flame drawing - Christ Consciousness timeline.

During this time the twin soul beloved showed me a timeline where they were followers of Yeshua in a timeline where mastery schools and priesthood reborn into the I Am presence. In that timeline, both were initiated in a ceremony to activate the Holy Spirit within and work in a community sharing their christed gift to support themselves as a team and the community to grow in the light of the I am Presence.

This is a day that I am lucky enough to appreciate a couple who, although they do not know their soul, have been traveling together for eternity.

Travel through time without time or space at all and where the soul has imprinted memories of fellowship and camaraderie.

In addition to the source that everything is and everything has been, these souls that have intermingled, destinies and crossroads are interconnected without the need to speak because without time or preconceived ideas only the hearts where beyond comes the moment and beyond silence and true essence.

Beyond what is perceived, there is no separation because hearts have always communicated.

This couple from another moment, in which I align the best of life together so that the same frequency harmonizes with the present in the previous scenario that both will meet, when it is time, to help the other find harmony.

Ask your heart what your feelings are truly trying to tell you. Remember to plant seeds of love, to care for them and feed them with trusting, faith, openness, honesty, and unconditional love. You have the power to channel them into positive change now, wait for your seeds to be harvested and a shimmering romance flowing passion heart open and a blessing for both souls.

Each soul is already known and the energy will instantly confirm the doubt that it does not make sense and will agree with the heart with a strong recognition between souls, where two merge into one in the dance of love and romance.

The souls that already know each other without knowing each other and love each other without even being together when in infinity there is no separation that only the heart knows.

This image of two Souls intertwined, united and a union that cannot be defined in words. Only hearts recognize it fully connected on all levels, where souls do not need words and the energy that flows as energy, with energy on its journey back home to the pure in heart of the source, and so it is.

with love, The Guides

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