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Twin flame drawing - Blue Ray timeline.

BLUE RAY TWIN FLAME DRAWING - Galactic Art ~ Alien Race ~ Sirius

This drawing took a bit of time to be done, it shares a lovely story only by seeing the image. The Galactic Higher Self in this case is one with the Sirius Star in the 7th Dimension and highly connected with the Oraphims and the Blue Ray in which in this case made a perfect balance of galactic-angelic essence.

The Blue Ray can appear in many stars, in this case they are Sirius in 5th Dimension very humanoid alike and their guides are alien beings of Light; in the 7th Dimension where they become one with their collective.

In that timeline they patrol the Galaxy and lived in motherships in connection with their star system Sirius. They are non-physical beings and their auras are linked, therefore their body of Light are interconnected and they manifest as separated versions, as female and masculine in neutrality to explore before transitioning into a collective dimension experience.

In Sirius they have elemental crystalline beings that are the bridge between the planet and their souls, they looks like crystalline liquid alike to water drops which are angelic and sentient that shiftshape form and hold messages in consciousness in a form of sound, being this how they communicate.

Their language looks like a mixed form images from Sacred Geometry that when being transmitted are sounds.

In their spaceship they are translators between the diferent races from the Galaxy and their mission in that timeline is to teach the language of the Light, as well as the harmonic resonance of Sacred Geometry.

In ancient times this race helped tribes to develop their calendars and symbology, as they teach the mysteries of the diverses Universes. This couple show themselves very coordinated and align with their partnership goal, as they support each other in their individual mission as well.

In their timeline the anchor of time doesn't exist; they only express themselves in the now and they are aware of every other soul fragment in their oversoul either receiving guidance or providing support they are kind of link between lower frequency fragments and the higher to be in synchrony with the harmonic resonance of the Soul.

Seems they like to grow, and experience their separation together throughout the Flame of Love and expanding at the same time and flowing as ONE.

Their message:

Beloved Being of Light

We come to you today as a group of Light and Love with Sacred Codes of the Soul.


Lately we have played an important role with Lightworkers and on a Soul level where many of you have been asking to experience a Soulmate Connection in order to serve your path.

Connection that is reactivated for you to another level with a renewal of the chants of the Akashic Records and the elimination of karma influencing the romance to vibrate high.

We come at this moment with the infinite and loving bliss of the Sacred Being and ascend to share our feelings.

Our perception is that the connections of the Soul are like cables of several levels and agreements of the Soul with diverse and varied purposes where LOVE rejoices in their hearts with Light abd sparkles of Love

Do it all out of Love!!! and enjoy the journey through the fire of the Love coming from the eyes of your beloved one by seeing the reflection of Source in each other. starlight in the smile, stardust in the loving heart and healing what was broken and letting it behind, hearing the thunder of the Light in their loving heart sparking sacred Union.

With Peace and Love, Blue Ray Guides

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