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Twin flame Drawing from Pleiades, Electra

This is a drawing of a twin flame that reflects a love that gives peace. Observe the emotion reflected on both of their faces. So when it happens, it will be a pleasant love impregnated with calm.

The fact that they hold hands reflects that their paths are intertwined and although this image is from another life.

They reflect Atlantis to me when at the beginning of the earth beings from the stars came to help humanity advance. The fact that he has his eyes closed speaks of someone very empathetic, a healer by nature, and introspective.

Furthermore, when I was channeling them, it reflected a lot of peace, wisdom in technology that for us would be the future. She watched how he leaned on hers and how his cantro is.

A very neutral connection as galactic explorers and the fact that he sees the center of her and she looks to the left represents a change of path. In that adjustment is where the two as humans intersect as their destinies intertwine. It also reflects how the Divine Feminine is the one that is healing in both, since it is the one that is recharged in the strength of the calm of the Divine Masculine.

In the world of Electra, a utopian future unfolds with remarkable advances and harmonious collective living. Cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates with nature, fostering sustainability. Cities are architectural marvels of green skyscrapers and clean-energy transportation.

Education is holistic, nurturing creativity and critical thinking. A universal healthcare system ensures well-being for all.

Conflict resolution focuses on dialogue, and cultures coexist peacefully, celebrating diversity.

Energy is harnessed from renewable sources, and pristine landscapes flourish alongside intelligent urban planning. Citizens engage in collaborative governance, promoting equality and justice.

In our time in Electra, Pleidian thrives in 5th Dimension, embracing innovation, compassion, and unity for a prosperous, serene future connection with humanity.

"Dear cosmic souls from the Pleiades,

As you journey through the vastness of the universe together, remember that love is the guiding force that transcends time and space.

Embrace the boundless energy of the cosmos, and let it flow through your hearts like stardust.

Love is the universal language that connects all beings, and your connection is a beautiful testament to that truth. In the quiet moments beneath the stars, let your hearts speak to each other, sharing dreams, desires, and fears.

Open your souls to the infinite possibilities that love brings. It is a force that knows no boundaries, and your love story is a constellation in the making, a unique and radiant light in the cosmic tapestry.

Cherish each other's uniqueness and honor the journey that brought you together from the Pleiades to this Earthly realm.

Let your love be a beacon of hope, a source of inspiration, and a testament to the power of love to bridge galaxies.

May your love continue to shine brighter than a thousand stars and may your hearts remain open to the wonders of the universe and the love that binds you across the cosmos.

With love and stardust wishes, the Beloved Pleiadians.

Listen to Your Heart: Pay close attention to your intuition and emotions. When you've found the right person, your heart will often lead the way.

how do you know it is the one for you?

You'll feel a deep sense of connection, comfort, and happiness when you're with them.

Trust your gut feelings and how the person makes you feel when you're together.

The one who's right for you will be someone with whom you can talk openly and honestly. You will feel heard, understood, and respected.

Remember that finding the one is a journey, and it may not happen instantly. Be patient, take the time to get to know you loved, and trust the process.

Love often reveals itself when you least expect it.

Any further question please let me know

May it be a blessing, Grethel

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