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Twin Flame Drawing - Sirius - Lyra timeline - Become Love

Twin Flame Drawing - Sirius - Lyra timeline - Become Love

Greetings from love and from our soul to yours; As a symbol that seeds of love are already blooming in the most sacred of your soul, today we share a message, we hope inspiring that will align you to tune in to the frequency of love that from the reflection of the twin flame couple is a sacred container where the soul of both loved ones evolves to the highest and most harmonious greater good.

Love is always a reason for celebration and is the most powerful form of creation and the most holy transformation of the soul.

 Although love has many colors like love for yourself, love that is inspired by your profession, family, friends, your country and of course romantic love.

From the level where we as guides channel this message in the fifth dimension in the form of Sirians with descent to lyra, the conditions to love are not like those of humans, in our plane we live constant love without oscillations between the spectrum of full or lack of love as in its reality. We understand that from your perception, love is validated from the external reflection of the love that I give myself in soul mirrors that remind each one to return to their holy center where the source reminds them of their true loving essence of their being.

Humans although even in their travels they find loves in their path loaded with karma and sometimes distortion, those are the ones that help them recalibrate from the place where love lacks me to love fills me and from there my partner constantly reflects my flow pure and constant from me to him and from him to me multiplying it ans infinite possibilities to build a safe space to grow together face the challenges of life in the physical. Love is not an emotion that fluctuates from moment to moment, it is a decision, it is a choice and it is an ability that develops from your being and in union with your love when you live in your loving consciousness.

Well, based on that loving awareness you make decisions and live your life to the fullest. not from what scares you or what you lack, but from what fills you, flows and invites you to explore many possibilities to travel in love. In our plane, we do not limit ourselves to the exploration of the emotion of the being nor to the emanation of love, which creates a stable place where it becomes the spiritual flame of the being that anchors the spirit in the soul in a container of light in this case a feline container of light from the silvery blue ray where we explore the mastery of love.

we observe love, we feel it, we exchange it and explore the thousand and one different ways in which love can be explored and eventually it brings you to the conclusion that love is not dreamed, it is not born of passion, passion is desire that starts you looking for that fire that brings you closer to the flame of creating the foundation of love by growing happiness practicing gratitude in the exchange of love and that only happens not looking for love, but becoming what you already are. And here the question is why would a soul choose to experience a twin flame relationship?

they tend to be soulful, genuine, healing, transformational, peaceful, desiable, powerfull, deep relationships that goes beyond the humanity and collide in the multidimensionality from the spirit and those are the ones a soul will evolve the most on the evolution of the one soul in its journey to The One.

Being in love is how you find loving relationships of the soul family or twin flames that are genuine, transparent like the sun that illuminates your entire existence in the perfect dream where each one changes their lives and allows themselves to believe where the arms of love embrace.

kindle in the flame of love between the loved ones. let love flow and guide you to where it flows more, on the right side and in the divine order with the greatest expansion of your being and so be it. With elevated love, the guides

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