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Twin flame drawing- Sirius Timeline Galactic Art

Twin flame drawing- Sirius Timeline ~ Water being of Light

This is a drawing of a twin flame that lives in Sirius where it is a water planet with small islands where the earth has earth crystals and elemental beings that are part of the heart of the planet.

In this sacred timeline these twin souls had a connection in balance and happiness being the deflection of the beloved where love and sharing the soul turns into a portal where God itself blesses and touches the souls in sacred union.

In this time and reality that is the 4th high dimension transitioning into to the fifth, these amphibian and aquatic beings are Partially physical and partially light.

They explain to us that we can all change shape but you have to allow yourself to leave the personality of that soul, it’s history and reflect the story of someone or something else. That is how you become a Mermaid And water, if you walk on earth. To be of water or even to be of light.

This pair of lovers will merge into a single soul when they move to the fifth dimension where they will cease to be divine feminine and divine masculine and will emerge in neutrality in androgenic being.

The connection between these souls is sublime and I felt like I was touched by God when I perceived the love of the soul connection exchanged in sacred union. These souls have many soul fragments with which they have exchanged experience but they were chosen for the almost identical similarity for the evolution of their soul and the history by which they created a good balance being teachers of life and mirror of the God within through the frequency of love.

On this planet Sirius, the entire collective beings to synchronize in the same frequency, elemental beings, crystalline beings, beings of light and the partially physical ones are already in tune and create balance through sound to harmonize and ascend.

These loved ones channel each other, their emotions and thoughts are mixed through love as well as it’s shadow.

When one does shadow work, the other heals it through love and vice versa, and together they learn to believe and walk in the same frequency and vibration.

I was shown personal goals and among them that are Integrated into the goals and contacts with the oversoul where in several lives they have a relationship with a couple in some created karma and in others they are spiritual guides from which you evolve in the lower dimensions.

At this time there is an agreement to meet and recognize where they are already looking and at some point they will cross the road.

The energy that the other emanates will become the seal where they will feel attracted without logic and common sense to explore a new adventure in search of ascension on earth.

With elevated love, they give you the last blessing that you will feel in your heart when you remember the image.

Blessings of love, your twin flames by Sirius

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