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Twin Flame Drawing ~ Fifth Dimension Timeline

Twin Flame Drawing ~ Fifth Dimension Timeline

In this timeline, these Loved Ones are in the Fifth Dimension and become a Single Being in their Soul. At that level, they are the same Love that flows constantly, bathing constantly in the Love of God.

Their separate bodies signify representing the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. In the next level together, they ascend into an Androgynous Being, where they share their emotional, mental, astral and spiritual body, only their bodies are separate. They are in Love. You feel like yourself, but in the pull of Love.

I see them in constant communication. It feels passionate, alive, complete, and it feels open and heavenly. It is as if God Himself is their Godfather, and blesses them constantly through the Power of Love.

I feel that they are colleagues who are preparing to be the best version that matches with their Beloved. It is representative of their Higher Selves in the Fifth Dimension, in a Love Relationship where a delicious relationship is co-created in Sacred Union, as Beings interested in thriving together, growing at the same time and pace, caring to love and to be loved.

This smiling couple comes today to remind us that Love Is Worth It. It is important to not give up, and to wait for the Signs of Destiny. When Loving, Traveling Souls meet and meet again to start a Journey together again, it is in the company of Love. These are Time-Traveling Souls, that when they meet they feel that he is for her, the Gift of God, and vice-versa. But, that Gift is not only for you, but for all the others. It is for you to have the ability to love everything more deeply.

The Gifts of Love from the spiritual point of view will be found in the arms of your Loved One ~ a Bright Star leaving the Heart. When kissing, it is as if there were no end in the world. Eternity caresses the lips of your Loved One, smiling from the Soul and kissing the sky from the Heart.

Relax in the Simplicity of Love being a reason to find yourself with the support of the Holy Spirit, having the job of loving as God loves ~ without condition, being an Exclusive Love that invites you to Love by penetrating your capacity to Love, enlightening you.

This Image is the Initiation of the Gift of God, where that Love becomes an activation of your Divine Masculine Shining Alchemy. You find yourself in the eyes of your Loved One, finding a Safe Space where you are loved.

This Love invites you to love parts of your reality and to understand all of the Sides of Love and relationships with Special Loves. This marks a Story and a Path where Love is flooded with Love, learning from your Loved One, healing the Pieces of his Soul, and the Harmony of the completeness of Love.

These Relationships of Love are not created to compensate for what you feel is missing, but rather to be the motivation to align with the ease of feeling good, and safe to move in your day.

You feel Love Activated, thanks to the connection with your Loved One, and feel comfortable with a high degree of compatibility.

Love, if it feels good, is soft and delicately free to flow, knowing that it awakens the Magic in you. It causes bright smiles, and twinkling stars in your stomach. Smiles of the Soul appear on your faces to reflect your Soul on the face of your Loved One, in the Joy of Love.

With Love!

Twin Flame Guides

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