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Twin flame Drawings Atlantis

in this drawing we can see Love that travel throughout the Galaxy sharing Heart and Love. This image is from Atlantis.

The creation begins with the birth of the new where the Sun and the Moon are mixed and molten with night and day... dancing between everything and nothing that magnetizes the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

 A resurrection is taking place, a rebirth in the acoustic of the purest Love through this sacred sexual energy as it releases and transmutes the old and creates new life in the sacred womb of creation.

Sexual energy brings a new alchemization of being and it is used to create the new, an innovation that inspires, expands, and creates manifesting new realities when it is of High Frequency and is in harmony.

The sexual energy that arises from thee is a deep communion with your inner being and your sacred body, the Temple of Love, and blessed LIGHT.

The deep Love that is transformative and healing on different planes and meaningful with this Life force energy flowing in constant evolution and divine creation.

The blessed and sacred creation of the uterus of Love is powerful; it is the divine energy of the interior that needs to be honored, respected, exalted and protected in the Light of the Creator.

It requires a partner who is self-aware and with respect, honesty, loyalty and transparency so that he can connect from the sweetest and purest holy communion of Love when hearts merge into one in the divinity of the one.

 It takes your full awareness of it to be respectful of the inner temple in balance with respecting the temple of being loved in the alchemy of the sacred connection between body and Soul.

Sending blessings of Light and Love

Some suggestions to seed Love in partnership :

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