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Twin Flame journey, how could it be described? Part 3

twin flame aspects are a concept that is bound to The rules of the Soul.

The soul is not easy to be understood by the mind. Only the heart understands what doesn’t hold logic or common sense because it holds the semantics of the Spirit.

Twin flames are a connection that is unique to everyone and so special that the experience itself will change you forever.

Twin flame connections Can speak with out words, they speak love language, a beloved will hold you in a sacred space every time it is  just by thinking on your presence.

You can love without being in front of each other and have Dreams that aren’t bound in time or space.

A twin flame connection is so profound that will invite you to become your best self even if you don’t ever meet in the physical.

Sometimes you do and it could be hell or heaven or depends on the harmony between each beloved.

I’m my opinion by working on twin flame for last few years and my own experience worth it to explore it. I would choose mine a thousands time and love him in all universes.

The journey has been magical and the capacity to reflect myself, in my shadow and equally in light. It has been a mastery of love, I’m so grateful to have.

I’m attaching a Light language meditation that hopefully is helpful on your own unique journey

Affirmations for Love and Romance | Light Language Guided Meditation


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Shed a light

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1 Comment

Bertha Maldonado
Bertha Maldonado
Feb 13, 2023

That's beautiful Sweet Grethel ❣️❣️✨ I.loveee it💓❣️❣️💓❣️💓🤍🌈🙏🙏

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