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Twin Flame Souls Drawing

Twin Flame Souls Drawing Soul Letter for July 3 - Lyra - Sirius, Pearl Ray, Moon Goddess, Orion, Atlantean Serpent People, Andromeda, Emerald Green Ray, Egyptian Collective, Angelic Ophanim are a class of celestial beings known to possess the Wisdom of God, Annunaky, Collective Dragon, Tara, Sophia and Quan Yin.

Picture of the soul for August 4 Sirius - lyra Lion being by essence, Connected with the Sun, Egyptian Collective specifically with RA, Christ Consciousness - Being Solar Dragon, Archangel Uriel, Atlantean Serpent People, Vega, Zeta, Shaman, Ancestors connected with the Spirit of the Wolf, fae Alpha centauri and Andromeda. In this drawing I was taken to the Atlantean times when they both belong to a tribe called the Serpent People. They were shapeshifters, being that they could live underwater or on land as amphibians. This tribe were terror warriors, explorers who traveled across the ocean exploring and conquering new lands like Rome at some point.

At the same time they shared wisdom and technology with more primitive civilizations that lacked the resources of the Atlanteans, they had a vast form and this was done through priests who organized these new cominades as extremes of Atlantis. They could be violent if necessary which is why they were feared by outsiders to be known as a fearless and leading tribe. This tribe for other more primitive civilizations was seen as demi-gods because they had the ability to manipulate matter to a certain degree with so much power that it made them powerful. Some of them modified their bodies to appear more ugly with tattoos and implants that resembled their star gods. It also helped them to characterize an ascended and galactic presence where they teleported simultaneously accessing the collective consciousness, sharing soul with the galaxy so to speak, and rising in the stars. When Atlantis fell on this timeline they took refuge in the ocean by losing the connection with Gaia, they also lost the connection with the galaxy and showed me as if they had felt abandoned. At the galactic level in this timeline it was decided to encapsulate the earth due to the galactic influence since both the earth and the galaxy had been distorted. Eventually by living in the water and beginning to reconnect they disconnected with their humanity and evolved into what we now know as white dolphins with the spirit that lives in the ethereal ocean where they are part of the elders of Atlantis together. Greetings of Love, We embrace you in the heart and we have come with this love story of the soul that grows in the fire and expands in the crystalline water of the infinite. We are one and we are two and we know that it is difficult to understand but where my fire begins and water calms me with love and gentleness. Where its water blocks without flowing and fire opens the path of sacred creation that becomes light in motion to love and grows in fire and water. Are we dragons or are we human? We are both and much more we are the light than in liquid crystalline water that lights up in the sacred fire of the loving heart. Maybe we are human lovers with a dragon soul that has the fierceness to roar soul in each challenge without breaking and getting up merging divine soul, sacred love, infinite wisdom in each look that is shared between the lover and the beloved. Looks of fire with desires to discover new territories together, being the most complete that can be in unity and exalting the individuality of the being that grows in a loving team of two. Two reflections of one that is water of crystalline light that emanates its lightness, gentleness, love and radiates sacred and divine fire in the passion of the soul that is human and starlight. We are now, and all that was but at the same time all that can be in the holy fire of the liquid crystal of the sacred and powerful creation of love. And in love our most sincere blessing, the serpent lovers I am attaching few meditations with encoded light Lang that will help you to connect deeper

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  • All my love and gratitude,Grethel

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