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Twin Souls, loving spirits that are outside of time and space.

Each relationship in general is a mirror of ourselves and any family or romantic relationship is a mirror of something inside us. This represents to us that within ourselves we are many because we see ourselves from the group family.

That mirror shows us something that I must change, correct, admire in myself or learn. So what actors is that mirror showing me? What archaeotype manifests that is being reflected.

Although we like compatibility, it is in incompatibility where we leave our comfort zone. We reveal ourselves through that bond and it shows us that other side of the coin. From that "lack" is where we fall in love, grow, create and transcend.

Here in this drawing I am transported to Sumeria. At some point two giants and gods loved and betrayed each other. They made peace and then war. It shows a time where the ethereal and the physical were intertwined long before what history books or legends can describe.

Stories lost and found in the Akashic records that flow with wisdom to us. You show yourself in that life as belonging to a family that did business. Exchange of resources with power, with a lot of intrigue around families. There you go with that warrior and move to a village like momada, it seems to me something like the ancient Germanic peoples who traveled and were adventurers.

In that world of simplicity, adventure created the deepest and most loving bonds. It is shown as a fruitful and rich life with family and loved things as a couple.

That is why this is the line of life that is shown to be the best to align with this and give you the blessing in which it fills this life with light.

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