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My Drawing of the light -

Beauty Light Codes

Greeting and Blessings!!

Dear one we are speaking as One being holding hands on a Frequency of Love, as you breath your Higher Self step forward to take all heaviness and hold you in their arms, feel it, and as we go into the next explanation relax into your vessel ...and acknowledge this is a healing circle that offers the holiness of kindness to easily release the old patterns that stop you to become a higher version of you.

The journey of waking up doesn't have a rule, there is no formula or recipe to figure out or a codex to follow to be who you truly are, the only equation it is to flow with all that you are Beautifully.

The being that you are holds vast and limitless potential to create as an alchemist of Beauty.

Discern your feelings and opinions as an indication that has magnetic energy being broadcast through your vessel creating a reality. A spiritual awakening is about your Beauty so you are Creating a reality.

It is about finding the harmonic resonance of YOUR beingness.

Wear your Faith and Confidence in yourself and as you do so you will see strong shifting what you are signaling to be manifested from the Beauty within and works its way outward.

It is ultimately about your relationship with yourSelf. Not just the self you consciously create ...your intention and know they will bring life into the cells of your being.

Your relationship with your Self will be realized in the way that you find with all that you are, knowing you are the "I AM", God itself in humans that exists outside of linear time and space as the infinity and beyond.

The more deeply you come to Beauty your Self, the less resistant you will be about what it's changing and falling away. Expecting only the highest outcome it will always be on the flow aligned with your Soul Beauty.

Get into the knowing you have multiple potential to choose how to Be...Beautiful With love your Guides

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