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How to communicate with my Soul? Tips to understand the Divine Soul;

That is the greatest question but in order to answer that we need to know what is the soul?

The soul is a piece of divine, period. That piece of divinity is eternal, infinite, omnipresent and omniscient.

The Soul chooses to create an illusion that appears separate from the Source of all.

The soul wants to have an identity, develop a personality, ego, wishes and to become something Unique that creates a difference from all that it is and who I am as a soul.

- The Soul has Shadow and light and expresses itself in a spectrum between its own light and its own shadow to learn to embrace all that it is finding the Divine neutrality that is its source.

- The soul will see in its imperfections the perfection of the opportunity to grow, to expand, to create new ways to be authentic.

- The Soul coordinates on clusters

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