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The Soul Chart this starseed comes as a Soul connected with the Spirit of Water on Earth, but also in the Stars, with a very sharp Intuition, Sensitivity and Self-Sacrifice. The Intuition is so strong. That is the most important Psychic Skill ~ as Knowingness. From the Stars, the first Incarnation was in the Star System of Orion, in Mintaka, as a Water Being. The ancestors from the Lyran families in these Akashic Records are very connected with the Elementals, Dragons, Mysticism, Alchemy, and the Mineral Kingdoms. This Lyran family is connected to Avalon in another Plane of Existence, the Shamanic Practices from Sirius A and B, Andromeda as a Sound Communicator - Translator from the Higher Realm, and the Beings of Light as a Healer, a Warrior, and a Teacher. The Orion Aspect is connected with Water Dragons, Atlantis, and Lemuria on Earth. I am also being shown connections with Mars, the RA Collective - Egyptian Timeline represented by the Eagles and the Lions, and again, the Star Systems of Sirius, Orion, and the Annunaki. In the Star Systems of Andromeda and Orion, you are a Shapeshifter. You have the capacity to mutate and upgrade your Technology at will. In Pleiades, you worship Love as a female Priestess ~ a bit more androgynous. Also, in the future of Earth, you have a more neutral gender. In this Incarnation, your Soul is tuned-in to a Higher Purpose, and your dreams transcend the Individual. A deep Love for Humanity, and Compassion that Knows No Bounds is found with this placement of your Soul. The Arts, Marketing, Music, Teaching, Coaching, Leadership, Healing Arts ~ these are all fields in which you can find Expression. Your Imagination, Attunement to Humanity, and remarkable Intuition endows you with the enviable Gifts of Insight and Creativity. The Mission of yours is to Share the Voice of God, and you have sort of done that in all of your lives, in a variety of ways. Mermaid Souls speak by feeing, and by feeling express themselves. Your voice, your feelings, Heal and Seed Consciousness in others. You can do this in any way that you feel guided. The Purpose is what you are learning here. I am seeing a set of healthy boundaries. You are very sensitive, and life can be so intense sometimes. You can have a tendency to escape. Be Present with What Is as you are aware of your emotions. Remember that they are full of Hope for Sparks of Love. I am seeing that your Galactic Essence is strong, and there is likely to be a Pleiadian connection. You also have Celestial Energy with Sandalphon, who is the Archangel of Music, Earth Magic, and who also takes prayers directly to God to be answered. From the Magic of Gaia, you are connected with the Spirit of Water, Dolphins and Whales. The one from the image is a Pleiadian from the Maia very beautiful healer , so I am seeing in Pleiades that you are a kind of Teacher for a very high Level of Being, where Pleaiadians would reach out to you to learn the Universal Laws. Initially you would teach a very high level of Quantum Healing

I think you siphoned all the Knowledge that you could on Maia, and afterwards you learned though many Incarnations. You explored Merope, that had a society that felt more Matriarchal and very gender neutral, with a Feminine Orientation. You were sort of a Priestess who worshipped Love. The Maia Aspect serves as a Guide for your ancestors here in this Incarnation. It is the one that came through.

After Pleiades, you moved to Sirius A and B, exploring a more Shamanic work, more Native American style. That is why you were born in the USA. This represents Higher Knowledge and Sacred Technology for your Soul’s evolution. The Mintaka Soul Expression from Orion is predominantly Humanoid, and a bit Amphibian, as well. You are a very Ancient Soul that incarnated first on Pleiades, and after that you moved to Sirius, to explore a Water Expression of yourself, in a more Humanoid form. You express a very Avatar Shamanic Blue Ray Expression, as well. I am also seeing the Feline Aspect. They were kind of a mix ~ some were benevolent, some were a bit more Reptilian - Humanoid form. However, yours looks more like a Humanoid - Mermaid form ~ more neutral in polarity. In this Plane, all looks like water, with pockets of land-like islands. Your family in that Sirian life felt like a sort of Marine Military-kind of Warrior. After the Sirian life, I am seeing that your Soul wanted to explore a Deeper Polarity. In order to evolve quickly, you chose to come to Earth. But as part of your Preparation Journey, you incarnated mainly on Orion, Mars and Venus. The Journey though Orion was a bit of a struggle, and many Karmic Timelines were created. I saw that you were a genetic mix that explored the Shadow and the Light, as a Duality Paradigm, in order for you to evolve higher. In that timeline, you were part of the Galactic Center ~ a kind of Galactic group of many races, where you grew many connections with your Oversoul, especially with Arcturians, Sirians, and Vegans. After a period in the Spiritual Realm in the 6th Dimension, you finally moved to Earth as a Guardian of Gaia ~ first, part of the Spirit of Water, and after millennia you decided it was time to be born as a Humanitarian Soul. This is your Pleiadian Guide’s message ~ Greetings and Blessings, My Dearest, We are here as One, in a Circle of Light. Healing Light Language Codes from the connection with your Higher Self come through the drawing. While gazing gently, Light Codes from Source Repair, Ground, and Anchor Galactic Light. Receive these Codes ~ shining Light from Source, Bathing you and Clearing all Dark Energies. Receive these Light Codes that will remove any Interference, Implants, Entities, Negative Thought Forms, Density, and Energy Parasites, to bring a Purification, as you gaze upon them. They are clearing all layers of your Energy, and replenishing the Physical Body, Balancing all the Chakras, removing any Distortion, and raising the Frequency of Energy within the Being. You will ripple Light. You are Prepared. Be Confident, Understand. Breathe and Realize it! You have accomplished this a million times before. You own the ride… The Stardust on your bones Only the Spirit understands… How much Adored you are, Realize how you certainly are the Flow. Believe in your Heart! Hear, Discern, Realize… Pursue your Wisdom. You are Divinely Counseled, have Faith. Even if you don’t know how. Love and Light Blessings, Your Guides

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