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What are the biggest challenges in the Awakening?

Since my awakening, the online spiritual community has grown at an amazing rate. Every day it is more normal to talk about yoga, meditation or some technique to relax in a normal environment. The Spiritual community is diversifying and creating a space for people to connect with other people who share their beliefs and spiritual practices.

This community has become increasingly important as people seek comfort, solace, and connection in the midst of a chaotic world.

However, as with any online community, there are challenges that come with a lack of responsibility in expressing your point of view. Social platforms that regulate what information should be part of the algorithm. As the awakening to your spirituality is a very broad spectrum to express yourself, we move between illusionism and magic.

One of the main challenges facing the online spiritual community Define spiritual ethics and courtesy rules in which we respect and demand respect in equity.

At the same time we can say that in the privilege that we all have a voice, we have forgotten the responsibility of choosing the right message to the masses that goes beyond whether Mercury is retrograde or your message of the week is.

At some point I had to moderate and I was also moderated and we are learning to decide what information and how it is handled in our communities. So in learning things happen and it is easier for fraudulent practices and scams to occur.

In the awakening We are Leaders or practitioners, we are in the era where Buddha and Christ is within us. I have been touched in sessions by leaders who wonder how their mission should flow.

When Encoded Frequency passed 20,000, I asked myself how I want to continue creating this community. What happens if no one buys any Service anymore. And I came to the conclusion that I love doing this, it's my passion. And that has nothing to do with whether it is my source of resources or not. I would continue to do it in some uh other way.

The path of awakening is a path to fully immerse yourself in your universe and discover the buddha in you. We are rewriting who we are and that is the mission. The mission of service is inside and is reflected in you inside. I have learned that nothing happens to me but on the contrary everything is a reaction of me.

In conclusion, while the online spiritual community faces challenges, there are also opportunities for growth and improvement. Recognizing and addressing these challenges challenges you from within and decides what kind of leader you want to be. It must be emphasized that although the journey is internal, it is important to connect, grow and learn in community because I believe that it is part of the human experience.

Please share with me your deepest questions, concerns, and desires.

We can all grow together and move towards the light and achieve success in this lifetime.

In conclusion, if there are challenges, it is part of the mastery of the soul. It makes this mission something very special. To me, my spirituality is my blessing and I appreciate my work because it guides me to be myself and in the end it makes this mission something very special.

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With gratitude,


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Bertha Maldonado
Bertha Maldonado
13. Juni 2023

That's so truth sweet Grethel and you are always there to unswer our questions ❣️ I live and enjoy your videos and teachings 💕🙏❣️❣️🙏💕✨💖🌈💕

Gefällt mir
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