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What are the light codes?

What are the light codes?

They are patterns that cope for me like the energy when it vibrates at a high frequency based on unconditional love, it collides and merges with everything around it.

light codes are a simple and practical way to raise your vibration and add a pattern to your energy because when you see or meditate with them your mind is overwhelmed and your spirit and soul identify themselves remembering higher levels of consciousness codified in the wisdom of the soul that vibrates in the higher dimensions.

Thus, by putting a mark on your energy such as abundance, for example, the energy container is created where your energy is reduced to vibrate in the frequency of abundance and so on.

dare you today to use codes and be in command of where you vibrate and how you flow by combining codes and meditation you will rise high.

share the light!

Grounding your Divine Soul | Meditation I light Language I Gaia

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