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What positive can happen in the future?

Every one talks about the “bad” that can happen, what about the Good potentials? Let me share some with you🙏

The world seems to me to be in a GREAT reset specifically in the economic arena from my own guidance and what guides advice to my clients in readings.

The shift I believe is happening in our mindset. It's a paradox of choice, now that many people is working for home.

The self employment tendency it is leading us to adapt, innovate, and create community. We are reinventing all areas of society, including deconstructing the old way.

Be patient, yes it maybe challenging but also there is a great opportunity to grow and transform your life for a one that feels better.

Things I see in some future potentials that I think are very positive.

* Hive mind throughout your own communities, yes it's all about “Us”.

* A rise in younger generations being conscious about living in adaptation to earth harmony, rather than changing the earth to serve us.

* At some point abundance of resources will overflow through communities in desensitized ways.

* Solar light and earth magnetism will be sources of free electricity and fast internet connectivity through individuals that will innovate the solutions for humanity in balance.

* Humans feel autonomous constantly sensing how to automatically shift to rectify and he in equilibrium.

* Self sustained real state through recycling, organic and smart constructions.

* Water will be use to transmit information.

* Knowledge looks son magnify that society feels way more conscious.

* AI and humanity after a period of adjusting cooperate together, some even explore the universe together.

* Education seems like a self learning method.

* Communities will be independent from any frontiers that restrict it's own evolution and all communities will share resources to support each others in its own autonomy.

I sharing this image and a meditation to connect with your own guidance and recalibrate To create the future actually you desire to experience.

Take a moment to appreciate the beauty and opportunity that surrounds you.

Remember that in Every Moment it is an opportunity to Create Newness.

Start fresh and choose to live the best version of yourself today.

Light Language financial Abundance Guided Meditation I Angels & Fairies of Abundance

You can find this en more on my YouTube channel @encodedfrequencyand more images to activate yourself at my website.

May this be helpful.

Shed a light

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Bertha Maldonado
Bertha Maldonado
28 sept. 2023

That's is so true even doh sometimes looks really hard we must look forward there is always tomorrow New thing's will come to experience new creation to enjoy and to learn to be focus on our growth 🤍🌸🤍💞🌸🙏🌈✨✨great message 🌈✨✨❤️🙏🙏🌈


Thank you grethel

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