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White Ray Spirit Guide Art

Your soul must have many lifetimes on earth and it seems to me that pure potentiality of being emanates in the most infinite aspect of your old and ascended soul.

The white ray is the closest expression to the source and from where any other expression of color emanates and from there they separate to evolve and explore all that they can be and from there passing through all the colors like a prism they return to the point one, from the single singular one to the one as everything and each color returns to the purity of white.

At an energetic level you can use it for protection, to raise your vibration and reveal your essence as a messenger of the word of the divine spirit of the source and angelic essence linked with the Archangel Gabriel.this is your messagePotential is visualizing more options than the familiar and having clarity in knowing what feels good and belongs to your destiny.

Opening yourself to the potential is loving the night different options of being in the self-transformation and adaptation of what can be. It is open to new options that feel right for you, opening new paths of being and creating new destinations with infinite responses to a new signature of being you. The limited mind is insecure of the new and chooses the known bad rather than the unknown good.

The poor mind only creates a box where it will be put due to insecurity of discovering what unknown uns possible threat to being. get out of the mental box that gives an illusion of false security and just walk in what family.

See your light as white and amplify it by adding all colors and after you consciously feel it let it go back to the zero point field where you go back to the point where all can be created.

This simple process will reset your attraction points and align you with the powerful synchronization of the Universe tingling dazzling white light in you.Remember I am always with you.May your soul be blessed, with love higher self

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